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Wedding Planning & Design Services

The Signature Wedding

Your Signature Wedding is tailored and customized just for you! At our first get-together, I will ask you to: “tell me about your wedding from your heart.” Then, I will sit back and watch you glow as you share with me all the things you love, things that bring you joy, and all the beauty you envision for your wedding day. From there, together, we will build a step by step plan to ensure a smooth and seamless process that will bring you peace of mind.

The signature wedding includes every aspect of your wedding process.  All planning, design, decor, production, coordination. We are there for you every step of the way. We will support you, encourage you, advise you and you will have the assurance of having a pro at your service. The list of the services is quite extensive and we will share that with you the first time we meet.

The Signature Wedding includes everything in the Design and Decor package.

Wedding Design & Décor Medley

With this package, we team up with you to create a custom design that you love. We then provide all decor items needed for your ceremony and reception. Areas of decor include the ceremony site as well as the reception hall. Ceremony entrance, stage, aisles, reception entry area, guest tables, bridal party tables, cake table, sign in and gift tables, cake and buffet tables, and more depending on the venue. We also provide tablecloths, napkins, chair covers or chair sashes, chargers, vases, various sizes of candle holders with candles, table numbers, matching frames and stands for heritage/memories table, custom decor as needed, and more. Also on board are our team members who lovingly and creatively assemble and arrange all the selected beautiful decor items. All décor items on our site, and more, are part of our inventory and available for your wedding or event. Take-down is also included. Complete ceremony and reception coordination throughout your entire wedding day is also included, along with the rehearsal prior to your wedding day. All “temporary” items, such as flowers, wedding favors, send-off items, and more are not included in the Design and Decor package, but we do work with those creative partners (vendors) to order, receive, display, and make them important parts of your wedding day.

Day-Of Coordination & Do-It-Yourself Brides

We do not provide day-of, week-of or month-of coordination or services. We specialize in full service wedding planning, design, décor and production .

Q:  Do I really need a wedding planner/designer?  Can’t I just do it myself?
A:  Yes, you can definitely do it yourself and you will probably do a very nice job.

For the do-it-yourself Bride, we do provide a 2 –3 hour consultation during which we sit down together, dream up and conceptualize your beautiful wedding day that will help you tell your story in your own, unique way. We will also advise you on design, décor, building your team, finding vendors and give you guidance on overseeing your entire wedding planning process. Then, you take it from there – Enjoy!

A Story To Ponder

The reception hall was staged and ready, the candlelight was gleaming as we were waiting for the bridal party and guests to arrive.  A couple of guests arrived at the reception hall earlier than the rest and were having a conversation with the venue manager.  The guests were expressing very sincere high praise for the elegance of the reception design and decor.  The venue manager responded:  “Yes, I definitely agree.  This is by far one of the most beautiful weddings we have had here. We do have many brides that do their own wedding decorating and it turns out very nice and cute.  But, when an experienced professional like Lidia Milo comes in, THIS is what we get! (as she does a Vanna White arm sweep of the banquet hall).  The difference is night and day and it is undeniable!”

Producing a magnificent signature wedding takes skill, training and experience.  It is a complex and challenging endeavor that will be an amazing experience for both you and your guests. So again, yes, anyone can absolutely do their own wedding. It all depends on what you value, what your ultimate goal for your wedding day is and what you want the lasting emotional connection to be for both you and your guests.

Whatever your choice, always keep in mind that your wedding day is ultimately a celebration of Love and may it express your style, grace and elegance well!