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You’re Beautiful, Amazing and Unique.

We’ll make sure that your wedding matches you perfectly!

So you’re getting married!  Congratulations! Not only are you going to be a gorgeous bride, you are also a very smart one.  How do I know? Because you’re here. You’re looking for a team of Pros like Orchids In Blue that are skilled master planners and designers. As your partners in creating your incredible wedding, we fuse your treasured vision with our intuitive creativity and organizational super powers to bring to life your unique story as it will be told on your wedding day. We will listen to all your plans, and more importantly, we listed to and hear your Heart. Then, we craft for you and your guests a well-orchestrated wedding day that promises to be a smooth, wondrous and peaceful experience that is irreplaceable!

And by the way, you’re also smart enough to know good and well that:
“Planning and pulling off my own wedding was really easy and totally stress free” said no bride, ever!

Danielle & Jarred

Monica & Andrew

Kimberly & Israel

Scarlett & Chris

Morgan & Jonathan

Becca & Kyle

Renee & Virgil

  Ten Reasons to Hire Orchids In Blue

  1. You will become an expert about your wedding right after your wedding is done. Mulligans are for golfing, not weddings. No do-overs available. We will shower you with ideas to match your style along with saving you many dips in the road.
  2. Your mom, aunts, cousins and best friends should be relaxed guests having a blast at your wedding, not people that drop dead of exhaustion from working it and stressing. Let your guests be valued guests, and let yourself be the guest of honor.
  3. You’re a professional in your career choice and we’re pros in the wedding business. Your wedding day is really not the best time to answer the question: “How hard can it be?” Your wedding day is priceless, not practice.
  4. We will make sure that your real wedding is even more stunning than the one on your Pinterest board.
  5. You have great taste and you know what you want, but acquiring everything you need and putting together a team for the most important day of your life is a road with many unexpected twists and turns.
  6. Hiring Orchids In Blue will save your relationships. Friends, family as well as your husband-to-be will not be on the receiving end of the anxiety and tension that comes from a hit-n-miss process. No need for any signs of bride-zilla on the way to your wedding day.
  7. We will make you shine and make sure that your guests are impressed to the max!
  8. You should be thinking about nothing during your pre-wedding mani-pedi and massage except for your wedding night. With Orchids In Blue in charge, at the end of your wedding day, you won’t be too drained for your wedding night.
  9. See our “Our Story” page for a few professional reasons in addition to these fun ones.
  10. So, Keep Calm and hire Orchids In Blue! Relax, we got you! Call us today and let the adventure begin.